The purpose of this website is to provide you with the information required to comply with the Employment Equity Act. Du Toit Associates have been specialising in Employment Equity compliance, training and consultation for 11 years.

During this time we assisted more than 250 organisations with the implementation of Employment Equity and have submitted more than 2850 Employment Equity Reports to the Department of Labour on behalf of our clients during this time.

Should you require assistance with the Act in any way or form please doesn’t hesitate to contact us?


The Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998; aims to promote and achieve equity in the workplace, by encouraging equal opportunity amongst all workers, and applies to all employers, workers and job applicants. Employment equity is about having a mix of all races and genders at every level of the organisation from the lowest to the highest.

The ratio of race and gender mix that the Department of Labour seeks in the organisation is rounded to 4:2:2:1 with 1:1 gender split on every level in the organisation.

In terms of the Act, all qualifying organisations need to have ALL of the requirements in place in order to comply.

Failure to comply WILL lead to prosecution.




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